Alex Ferguson says that David Moyes should have curbed the impulse to display his manhood at Manchester United

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We have been waiting for the new biography of Sir Alex Ferguson with bated breath as it was bound to ruffle a few feathers.

But whether it’s a cry for attention or a genuine insight into the game, it will be worth a read when published on Tuesday.

And many areas of the media, who have been privy to some previews, are focusing on the succession to Fergie’s throne.

David Moyes famously had a shocking spell at Manchester United and didn’t even last for a full season.

Sir Alex has spoken, in his book, about some seminal decisions that the new man got wrong:

“I’m sure there are things that David would do differently if he had the opportunity to relive his time at Old Trafford,”

“Such as keeping Mick Phelan who would have been the invaluable guide to the many layers of the club that Ryan Giggs is to Louis van Gaal today.”

Fergie goes on to suggest that Moyes tried to change everything when he took charge but that:

A leader who arrives in a new setting, or inherits a big role, needs to curb the impulse to display his manhood.”

The Boss
The Boss

We have never been huge fans of Mike Phelan and his very short managerial career at Norwich was a disaster.

But, while he may not have the stuff of a number one, it’s a fair point to suggest that Phelan had a great rapport with the players and knew Manchester United like few others at the club.

Moyes definitely made too many changes when he joined the club and his philosophy was clearly to start afresh and make his own imprint straight away.

Ultimately, even a softer approach may not have worked in the long-term and we feel that Moyes is now at a more natural level at Real Sociedad.

But, however good he is, he was always going to struggle to replace Sir Alex at Manchester United.