Arsenal star doesn’t want a rest according to report

Any list of the best players in The Premier League so far this season would most certainly have to include the bewitching talents of Alexis Sanchez.

He has been one of the best, if not the best, player in England this term. He’s scored 18 goals in just 30 games for Arsenal and he’s not even supposed to be a striker. Sanchez was more likely bought with wing wizardry in mind but has become increasingly central to Arsenal’s plans and Barcelona have clearly missed a trick with this guy. He’s strong, blisteringly quick and precise – what more could you want from a forward?

But, with his amazing form, Arsenal have become heavily reliant on his talents and there has been some concern that he may get burnt out – especially on the back of a long World Cup in the summer.

But, contrary to these worries, the star has apparently told the boss that he is fresh and raring to go. The Daily Star reports:

Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez tells Arsene Wenger that he does not need a rest

We all knew about his pace and trickery at Barcelona. But even Arsene Wenger must be surprised by the depth of impact that the Chilean has had since he came to the club. Some might day that Sanchez has been a saviour for Arsenal. Indeed, without his goals you look around the Arsenal team and wonder whether they have the natural goal scorers to compete with the best at home and in Europe.

Danny Welbeck is a classy performer but not a lethal marksmen. And while Olivier Giroud is a good finisher some would argue that his all round game isn’t quite up to scratch.

Thankfully Arsenal do have Sanchez on the books – Wenger’s best signing in years – and he’s been an absolute revelation. Sanchez is a credit not just to his team but to The Premier League in general. Long may it continue.