Allegri says Vidal will not be joining Manchester United

In what is turning out to be the most bungled transfer of the summer the future of Arturo Vidal seems about as clear as mud.

Juventus keep proclaiming that they don’t want to sell, yet the media persists in telling us that the transfer could still happen.

In the latest twist from Juventus, their chief Massimo Allegri told reporters:

‘Vidal? He’s not going anywhere,’

Whatever happens, we think that fans are tuning out of this one now because it’s all just getting a bit dull. No wonder Manchester United haven’t made an official comment about the rumours. Why can’t they conduct their transfer business like Barcelona or Real Madrid did with Luis Suarez and James Rodriguez?

You do feel as if there has to be something in this though. The player has yet to come out and publicly deny that he wants to leave Juventus.

Indeed, Vidal fuelled the fires of speculation in July:

Speaking to Chilean newspaper La Tercera about a potential move to United, Vidal said: ‘I’ve heard about the rumours, but I haven’t spoken more about this subject.

‘I’m enjoying my holidays, and when I return to Italy I’ll see what happens.

‘I’m very calm, but anyone would love to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world.’

And with Manchester United having a gaping hole in their midfield you would imagine they are desperate to get someone of real calibre in before the end of the transfer window on September 1st.

It’s usually a case of who blinks first in the transfer market. That’s why so many deals go down to the wire. Manchester United fans are going to need long finger nails over the next few weeks.