More bad news for Arsenal

There has, at times, been a fragile peace with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal over the last few years. And, twinned with bad results, the latest news could well tip the balance inexorably.

Because British media outlet, The Guardian, has shed more light on the omission of Arsneal’s best player Alexis Sanchez in the lunch clash with Liverpool at the weekend.

They say:

Alexis Sánchez dropped at Liverpool after storming out of Arsenal training
• Forward had angry words with players in dressing room during training

Every top manager falls out with his players at times. The big question is whether they have the respect and personality to ride the storm and for their decisions to be proven correct and in the best interests of the squad.

Wenger is a hugely experienced coach has been here before.

But TFF now feels a genuine sense that Wenger’s desperation to hold on to the reins at Arsenal is now to the detriment of the club.

The new stadium was a huge development which scaled up the club markedly. But there has been little to no progress on the pitch since then and the odd FA Cup doesn’t feel sufficient for a club with the size and resources of Arenal.

An increasing number of fans appear to be turning on the Arsenal manager and the longer he stays the further his legacy will be damaged.

Wenger currently resembles a hopeless gambler who can’t leave the fruit machine because he so strongly believes that the next coin will reap the jackpot.

But the truth is that, in terms of quality, Arsenal are as far behind the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City as they have been in the last decade.