Arsenal: Give us a whizz on your tab mate

Dear oh dear oh dear. We wondered why the hapless Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny reached straight for his water bottle after the mix up which lead to Southampton’s goal against The Gunners last week. Perhaps he was using it as a nicotine substitute.

While they are still just rumours, it appears that he may have had a smoke in the showers after the defeat. The Telegraph reports:

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is facing the prospect of a significant club fine after being accused of smoking in the showers following the 2-0 defeat against Southampton on New Year’s Day.

Only the players themselves can know about the pressure of playing and making errors under the spotlight of The Premier League. But, if true, this behaviour is wrong (not to mention silly) on so many levels.

Szczesny’s place in the Arsenal team is now in serious threat from David Ospina. And he’s clearly hurting about his form. But how stupid is it to smoke on the grounds of your employment when such behaviour is clearly frowned upon?

If he did it on purpose, in order to alienate himself from the club, then he has probably succeeded. It’s more likely that he did it as a badly conceived impulse reaction. Either way, it was monumentally stupid.

If you’re going to smoke mate, at least wait until you are somewhere dry and away from the club which is paying you silly money to be a model pro.

If the player was integral to Arsenal’s future then he may get away with it. But, having been shown such patchy form since joining Arsenal, we have to imagine that this is the beginning of the end for the lad.

Arsenal fans: Is it now curtains for the tabber?