Arsenal target not good enough says respected journalist

If anyone can explain Arsenal’s transfer strategy to TFF then we would love to hear from you.

Because, with ten days or so to go in the market, Arsenal are miles away from having that title-winning squad.

And indecision seems to reign where it comes to their transfer business.

So the latest comments of respected Spanish football journalist Guillem Balague will not be welcomed in some quarters.

Because he reckons that Arsenal target Shkrodan Mustafi isn’t worth the money. He told Sky Sports:

Valencia as a club need to sell. The Valencia coaching staff want to keep Mustafi. Arsenal are not paying what Valencia want which is near €40m. Valencia are also saying they do not want to sell a key player in the last week of the transfer window. Arsenal say they do not want to pay ahead of his real value. So that is where we are. By the way, I do not think Mustafi is good enough for Arsenal but there are not many good centre-backs available in the market right now. He would be a slight improvement on their current centre-backs but he is not worth the fee suggested.

Actually TFF likes the cut of Mustafa’s jib. He may not be the monster that so many teams seem to look for in the market when acquiring centre backs these days.

But he looks like a decent all-rounder. He’s got excellent feet, good pace and reads the game well.

At 24 there is room for improvement but he’s already getting regular games for a German international squad which is strong in defence.

40m is crazy money for a defender but it’s the going rate in this market and Arsene needs to concern himself with whether the player can improve the team rather than the exact cost.

Reports of a move for Jose Gimenez, for a similar fee may mean that the trail is going cold with regards Mustafa at this point. But, as usual, we are getting to the final throes of the longest transfer window of the year and Arsenal look short in defence and attack.

Let’s see some of Mustafa’s best moments so far in his career. Arsenal supporters: Gimenez or Mustafi?

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  1. Don’t you see that Arsene Wenger is not interested in adding more players this season. Under the pressure due to latest center back injuries, he started mlooking for a center back. He could have closed the deal two weeks ago at least. But he was waiting to see how Holding and Chambers will pair. Had they been a success he would turn around and say”you see we don’t need a center back”. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work. But he is doing it again this week again. He is waiting to see how Kocsienly will pair with Chamber against Leiscester. Frugal and stuborn Wenger as usual.

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