Arsenal’s next number 5?

If any more evidence were needed about a change of tack at the club since Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, you only need to take a quick glimpse at the transfer headlines doing the rounds in the British media in the latest news cycle.

The Daily Mail has reported that:

Arsenal preparing move to land Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini on free transfer

Last time the big Belgian moved clubs there were rumours of interest from several London clubs but Fellaini certainly doesn’t strike TFF as a Wenger type of player.

Much more suited the aerial and long ball game, the 6ft 4.5in midfielder arguably has more skill with his head and chest than he does with the ball at his feet.

And whether he would add quality at Arsenal, perhaps as their next number 5, is highly questionable.

At Manchester United his services were retained by three managers over five years and he does appear more popular with coaches than fans. Fellaini has been an automatic pick for his country throughout his career as well – in the golden age of Belgian football no less.

But, having watched him play on numerous occasions, TFF can’t help but think that this is a player who makes football worse to watch. If your idea of a spectacle is flying elbows and scrappy football then this is your man. Fellaini can make a perfect playing surface look like a mud bath as he lollops around the park trying desperately to work out how to control a football.

Fellaini is a committed athlete and a good professional. And Arsenal have been crying out for more mettle in the side since the departures of Vieira, Petit, Cambpell, Keown, Adams and the last great Gunners sides.

But he wasn’t a success at Manchester United and we aren’t sure he would be a success or a welcome addition at Arsenal.

Arsenal fans: would you be keen to bring the 30-year-old in on a free transfer?