Bad news for Manchester United’s main man according to his wife

Manchester United’s star performer this season has arguably been Angel di Maria. After arriving for a small London flat shy of £60m he immediately dispelled the gloom which had gathered at Old Trafford with some superb performances straight off the bat.

He’s a vital tool for Manchester United and his injury, sustained against Hull, left many concerned about the length of his absence.

Without official confirmation from Manchester United yet, it appears that it could be a pretty bad one.

Because Di Maria’s wife has Instagrammed supporters who enquired about the player’s health to say that Angel has suffered a ‘small tear’ to the muscle. Manchester United fans were hoping that it was nothing more than a strain, which players can recover from in days.

But the tear will require a longer period of recuperation and could take anything up to a month to heal. That’s the worst case scenario. We think that the player is likely to be out for another two weeks which means that he could miss the crunch game with Liverpool at Old Trafford on 14th December.

We should get official word form he club in the next day or so. Let’s hope for Manchester United’s sake that this isn’t yet another protracted injury absence in a season full of them.