Best and worst player: Arsenal Season Review

If things go on much longer like this Arsenal should rename themselves Groundhog Day FC.

It’s all pretty attractive to watch and Arsenal tend to dispatch the mediocre sides with aplomb. But that soft underbelly is always exposed at the crunch times in the season and it’s the most boring and predictable script that you could possibly write.

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger will opine that he doesn’t have the budget the size of some of the other elite clubs that he is competing against. But you only have to look at Leicester City last season to see what can be done with the right nous and aggression towards the Premier League.

We don’t want to be cruel on Wenger, who has done so much for the club. But TFF actually believes that Wenger is being cruel to Arsenal now by holding on when he has clearly run out of ideas. It’s a selfish way to look at things because Arsenal clearly needs new direction and to be reinvigorated by a manager like Diego Simeone.

Wenger reminds us of a hopeless gambler who keeps putting his last pennies into the slot machine in the hope that things will turn out different next time.

Clearly he needs to stand aside and receive the adulation that he deserves.

Best player: Alexis Sanchez may not have had quite the same season as he had last time out but he is still by far and away Arsenal’s best player and worth the entrance fee alone. Not only the top goalscorer but a spectacular dribbler with the ball and his general athleticism is something to behold.

Worst Player: Per Mertesacker is the club captain and didn’t have too many games for Arsenal last season. But when he did play he looked even more one-paced than usual and it’s surely time to give the armband to someone else.