Ivory Coast

Gambling is legal and very popular in the Ivory Coast. But they do only have one casino in terms of physical gambling.

There you can play all the normal casino games like roulette, poker and blackjack.

But whereas land-based gaming is legal, online casino gambling in the Ivory Coast is not yet regulated and is a pretty confusing area where it comes to legislation.

Nevertheless sports betting is very popular and as with so many other countries in Africa the Ivory Coast loves football. They live, breathe and sleep football and have so many successful players through the history of their nation.

As there is no online betting law it seems that people are free to get involved if they have access to the internet. At this point in time the internet is still growing in Ivory Coast but over the next few years we should see a huge surge in online gambling as more and more people get access to the world wide web.


There is also a state run lottery which is very popular and undertaken by many Ivory Coast residents.

But back to the football, Ivory Coast is one of the most prominent countries in the African continent in terms of famous players. That is possibly where the interest comes for in the sports betting side of gambling. Players like Didier Drogba and Eric Bailly are legends in the country with the former having had a brilliant career in the Premier league and the latter seemingly about to become one of the most prominent players in Europe and possibly the world.

Because of this lack of regulation in the industry in the Ivory Coast many players go to international gaming sites in order to do their sports betting.

Our recommendations for your sports betting in Ivory Coast include…..