South Africa

South Africa is one of the more restricted countries where it comes to gambling and sports betting.

Although it is illegal for any operator to operate to the mobile online gambling services within the borders of the country there are still a wide choice of companies who have players from South Africa.

So while the rules are not always straightforward there are still legal and safe ways for South Africans to bet online.

But companies such as Springbok casino, Omni casino, Fly casino and allow safe and legal ways to bet in the country if you want to do casino gambling.

There have been a lot of changes to gambling law over the years and when the new democratic government came to power in 1994 all forms of gambling were legalised.

In 2008 the National gambling Amendment act was introduced which laid out the law for future gambling regulations. And a study in 2006 suggested that the country was obsessed with the national lottery in which a whopping 97% of people took part.


Slot machines had 27% participation and scratchcards were also incredibly popular with over 22% of the population getting involved.

Horse racing betting had 11.5% of the country involved but only 8% of people in South Africa in this study suggested that they had never gambled.

The national lottery, which is by far and away the biggest gambling organisation in South Africa, was established in 2000 and has been going ever since apart from a short hiatus in 2007.

It averages 5 million users per week and it is by far away the most popular past time of gamblers in South Africa.

Until 1996 on track horse racing betting was the only legal form of gambling in South Africa. Everyone of South Africa’s provinces has a gambling board and online betting is now allowed but it must be licensed by one of these boards.

But it does mean that residents of South Africa can now use these online betting sites – their winnings are subject to a 6% tax to cover the VAT.