Free Bets

Free Bets

The gambling market is a hugely competitive industry these days.

It’s a market place which is replete with bookmakers in a booming industry. That’s largely because so many people enjoy having a flutter on a football match or other sporting event.

And online poker and casinos are also hugely popular these days.

And with so many bookmakers out there trying to get your custom and loyalty the competition is massive.

Because of this it’s good to assess the market as a first time or novice gambler as there are so many good offers for new subscribers.

Bookmakers offer all kinds of promotions in order to get you to join up and one such promotion is the free bet.

Free bets are offered by many bookmakers as an incentive to sign up.

There are different forms of free bets. For example, many bookmakers offer to match your first stake. So if you sign up with an initial stake of 50 you can get the same amount in free bets.

Other bookmakers simply give you a cash bonus to join up with them. Another popular opening promotion is the cash back deal where bookmakers can cover your losses when you make your first bets.

Claiming your free bets couldn’t be easier. Simply check the promotion with each bookmaker and sign up for the offer. Many to most organizations require a debit card or credit card as well as some other basic personal information.

But the beauty of the free bets is that there is no limit to the amount of bookmakers that you can sign up with. So you can enjoy as many new offers as you want to sign up with.

Obviously it’s important to remember that responsible gambling is central to having a good time. Don’t gamble more than you can afford and you should increase your stakes only when you have a clear understanding of how gambling works.

Taking a nose dive in the offers, it’s differs from your original thought. Many bookmakers are nearly linguistics experts. Their bonuses look significantly better than their competitors, but those differences are, most of the time, marginal. I will show you an example from a certain bookmaker. Let’s call them “Bonus Betters”. You will get a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit, up to €50 bonus. Which implicates that your deposit will be doubled, but the terms and conditions are preventing you from this. Until you fulfil their requirements, which are:

– “if you receive a €10 bonus, you must wager €60 to fulfil the terms, with minimum odds of 1.40”.

Logically, this completely changes the looks of it. You should be weary of this. The requirements above are somewhat extreme in the world of betting. Still remains a fact that you will never get a bonus without doing something in return. Your €10 bonus can only be withdrawn if you were to place €10 on six different occasions. Meaning you could lose sixty bucks while chasing your €10 bonus.

How do you register for a free bet?

After thoroughly searching, you’ve found the perfect bookmaker for you. You’ll need to sign up in order to use their free bet(s). Their registration forms could be overwhelming at first, but all those contact and personal details are necessary to be completely sure that you are indeed the person who you claim to be. After the first step of filling in your address, email, telephone number, it’s time for the next step.

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The majority of the bookmakers will then ask you to fulfil your first deposit. The most common payment options are through Paypal, Skrill or Neteller. Those three are standard, but there are more payment options which differs per country. Meaning you have dozens of options to get right in the action.

How do you choose a free bet?

As stated before, there is no limit on the amount of bookmakers you sign up with. Which is the great part about free bets. The betting industry is constantly expanding with more bookies and, of course, more customers. Meaning “the suppliers” need to undercut each other to get the loyalty and business of their customers.

Which kind of free offers are there?

The most common one is a bonus on your first deposit. The percentages aren’t that different per bookie. Most give out a 100% bonus, but the biggest difference is in the terms and conditions. The example I just gave is an extreme one where it’s almost not worth it and will hurt your wallet if you are being incautious. It’s an cynical view, but basically bookies won’t just hand you money.

Another rather popular one is the “risk free bet”. Meaning the bookmaker of your choice will hand you a risk free bet which you can put on any game you like. But this comes with a price, those T&C often include the customer needing to qualify for that free bet by placing an own bet beforehand. Often with an minimal odd around 1.90-2.15. So to get a risk free bet, you need to bet. The outcome could be wonderful, but far from “risk free”.

Something which happens rarely, but still an great opportunity for a starting bettor: the real free bet. This offer allows the customer to place a free bet on any given game. This has no risk whatsoever in the start, because you can place that bet on a range of events. From ‘a yellow card in Barcelona-Madrid’ or even a advanced one like ‘Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the first goal while Barcelona wins the game. Naturally, the latter has an huge odd in comparison to the former. If you lose, you lose. You then can proceed with your own money, but if you win: this could get interesting.

Let say you’ve placed €10 on ‘a yellow card in Barcelona – Madrid’. The odd of that being 1.15. You win, because tensions are high and harsh fouls keep occurring. Your winnings will be €1.50. And that’s when the terms and conditions kick in. You’ll have to play those winnings around on five different occasions at certain bookies. Meaning you could risk losing 5x€1.50 (€7.50). Which still doesn’t hurt you, because that first €10 bet was free. And how higher the odds, how higher the winnings. You want to earn something from this free bet. So don’t go betting on “Rooney being the first player to throw in and scoring the last goal with a bicycle kick from the half way line’. Find a balance.

The bigger bookmakers tend to tighten up on those requirements, but the smaller ones aren’t because they want your business. It’s an investment, hoping that their €10 free bet will ultimately earn them money because the customers is committed to their website and starts losing money in the long run. Something which we will try to prevent you, the reader, from happening to with all of the content on our website.