Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting

Oh the beauty of modern technology! In the past we might have had to plan a visit to the city for a flutter or even gone to the game itself to place a bet.

But with the advent of the internet we can now have some gaming fun from the comfort of our own homes.

And over the last few years the ease with which we can make a bet has improved yet further as mobile betting has become prominent.

Every major bookmaker now has great online facilities to make it so easy to place your bets with just a few clicks. Most bookies now have apps which you can also download to make the process even easier and to streamline the whole system.

And you don’t need an expensive new model of phone to access such apps and sites. Pretty much any smart phone will do the job. And if you decide to go for the app you regularly get extended functionality like live odds checkers and even easier access to the site each time you want to go into your account.

The good thing about using your mobile for betting is that you can access the in-play market wherever you are. If you are out and about For in important meeting or a family gathering you can quickly access the in-play market and have a flutter without even watching the game.

As well as the obvious market for football betting, mobile betting is great for poker and casino gambling too. Mobile betting allows you access to pretty much every form of online gaming and it couldn’t be easier.

As ever it is really important to gamble responsibly. Don’t risk anything that you can’t afford to lose and the bigger betting stakes are generally reserved for those with experience or strategic knowledge of gambling.

But, how does it work? We will help you along the way. And if you still have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter (

How does it work?

The modern times are evolving pretty rapidly, especially in our sector. So, betting is no exception to that rule. Bookmakers are aware of this and introduced “mobile betting” along the way. Making it possible for their customers to have 24/7 access, whenever or wherever. An expensive, state of the art smart phone isn’t even necessary. Any modern phone will do the trick.

We start at the beginning, which is an simple one: open up an account on one of the dozen mobile bookmakers. Before randomly picking a bookie, check their offers. The majority of bookmakers tend to give out pretty sweet deals in the form of exclusive free bets or even doubling your deposit. After cherry picking your bookie, it’s time for the next step. That’s whether you will proceed on their mobile website or download their application.

I would advise to go with the latter. The application is, 9 out of 10 times, quicker and more user friendly than an mobile website. But don’t worry if your phone doesn’t support such an application. The mobile website gives out the exact same options. Such as keeping track of the live odds, seeing your results and withdraw your winnings .



The biggest reason to have an mobile account: in-play. Regardless of your whereabouts, whether you are at the pub, in the stadium or at home on the couch. Placing an bet on a live match hasn’t been easier. With just one click, it’s done.

It could be beneficial to many users. It differs per person, but many users are more comfortable with placing live bets, rather than predicting what will happen in a game which hasn’t started yet. Mobile betting is perfect for in-play. You are seeing something which could influence an live event, whether it’s the key player limping or the opposition are starting to drop deeper and play more cautious. You will need to immediately anticipate and then your mobile device is the quickest way to do so.

Mobile Casino Games

Bookmakers haven’t made an application for just live betting, you can also visit their casino. The majority of bookmakers have “everything” in one app, meaning live betting, casino and poker. You don’t need to download an additional application.

To strengthen the feeling and excitement of an casino, many bookmakers even have live croupiers. Making it able to interact live and get real time answers.

Mobile sports betting across the world

The mobile betting community is an ever growing business, because it’s so easy. Especially football is generally speaking one of the most popular sports across the globe. And this comes with many, many advantages. The coverage has improved significantly throughout the years and the bookmakers want in. And the users are pleased with this. The possibilities are endless, even for those who are living in remote places.

Mobile sports betting in Africa

The continent who seems to embrace the world of mobile betting in their arms is Africa. Because their previous way of placing bets was somewhat difficult. Having to visit a betting shop, which is somewhat tricky if you are living in a remote place, especially when you don’t own a driving license. The ability to have 24/7 access is essential for Africans. There have been dozens of researchers lately and all have the same conclusion: the mobile betting business is booming in Africa. Per example, the South-African government came with their own investigation. Which showed that more than half of the population is involved in gambling, with the main focus being sports betting.

Another research, this time released by PricewaterCoopers, projected that the combined betting market from Kenya, Nigeria and South-Africa will be $37 billion in 2018. An staggering number.

There are several reasons for this significant rise in active users. One of them being the love for the beautiful game. Africans are crazy about football and this, in combination with their improved accessibility, has skyrocketed the betting industry across their continent.

Another reason for the huge amount of traffic coming from Africa is because of the high percentage of people living beneath the poverty line. Earning money over the internet is a lucrative business in Africa. That’s a reason why betting on sports has been gaining popularity.

Once again an warning to gamble responsibly. We cannot stress that enough! That said, regardless of your incentive to bet. We all have the same goal, improving our knowledge which then positively impacts our results. And we will help you achieve that!