Coward: Manchester United coach reportedly slated superstar

Controversy follows Jose Mourinho around like an uber-loyal dog doesn’t it? Wherever he goes, mayhem usually follows.

Perhaps we should all finally agree that it’s actually an intentional part of his make up and what makes th Manchester United man so successful. It certainly hasn’t done his trophy haul any harm.

The Manchester United manager is in the news again today for reportedly slagging off one of the leading lights in the Premier League during his time at Real Madrid in Spain.

The Daily Mail reports:

Jose Mourinho accused Mesut Ozil of being ‘a coward’ who thinks ’50 per cent is enough’ in an explosive dressing room row at Real Madrid.

TFF has never been one to pull the punches and we think that, although the reported comments are a tad over the top, that the now Manchester United boss is on to something.

Ozil is very highly regarded by Arsenal fans and has made some amazing contributions over the years. His technique is there for all to see.

But we have always opined that he wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of our wishlist. Because the very top players make a difference in the biggest games. And, while Ozil’s career is littered with great moments against mediocre sides, we can count one hand the times he has sculpted a game against a really top side.

For us he is the ultimate ‘luxury player’ and someone who too often goes missing when the going gets really tough.

Give us someone like Manchester United legend Paul Scholes any day of the week. He had similar levels of skill but shaped so many important games and wasn’t scared to get stuck in either.