Cristiano Ronaldo to fight for Manchester United fans again

If there was one guy in world football who Manchester United fans would want to provide an obstacle to another Champions League success for Liverpool it would surely be Cristiano – half man, half machine/god – Ronaldo.

TFF would find it difficult not to concur with the idea that Messi is a better player. He’s certainly more sumptuous on the eye. TFF is prepared to state that the Argentine artiste is the best footie player of all time, bar none. He’s so stupendously good and ticks every box. Football should prepare itself for a serious lull after these two depart the beautiful game.

But Cristiano’s inimitable competitive streak, twinned with his genuine and obvious Manchester United affiliations, makes him a total battering ram for the anti-scouse crew in the final.

The ex-winger has moved inside over the last few years and, if you believe that scoring goals is the most important thing in football, he’s become even more effective in that time. Now Ronaldo is a killer. Forget trawling up and down the wing all evening. Other fools can do that. Ronaldo is happier to spend his time doing 1000 sit ups every day and goal-hanging at the business end of football. Laying eggs as some British like to say.

And anyway, is it wrong for Manchester United fans to want Liverpool to lose the CL final? Is it better for them to cheer on the English side instead of those from Spain?

NO! If we lose the tribal aspect of football then we lose the passion, the intensity, the love of the game.

Support Liverpool simply because you love great football.