DM’s career rests on this game

Few could have imagined how badly this season would have gone for the new Manchester United manager. He spoke earlier in the season about getting a few bloody noses in his first season at the club. But he has suffered so many since that if Manchester United WAS a nose it would surely be Steve Bruce’s.

But, by hook or by crook, there is one bright spot. Manchester United find themselves in the quarter finals of The Champions League. Considering the opposition some would say that this is a curse rather than a blessing.

But it’s the critical point of the season. We want to see tonight why Manchester United chose to bring David Moyes to the club. We want to see some tactical brilliance. We want to see a fluid Manchester United attacking Bayern with their best creative players on the pitch.

It’s hard to imagine a coach at any other club getting this much time and suffering so many defeats without being shown the door. But Moyes has somehow survived and has lived to fight his biggest day so far.

But a heavy defeat in this tie will surely snap the fragile patience of the Manchester United top brass. They need to see some portents as to Moyes’s coaching ability tonight. If he can’t drag the best out of his current crop then why let him invest in more players?

We believe that this game is critical to the Manchester United career of David Moyes. We want to see Manchester United’s teeth tonight. If we don’t see them it’s surely time for Moyes to go.