Don’t blame THE LEGEND

During the fall out from the whole David Moyes debacle at Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson has come in for fair amount of criticism.

Having so obviously been the catalyst for the appointment Sir Alex was always going to be one of the first to be blamed for the failed tenure of Moyes.

The nightmare scenario of the Moyes season means that there will obviously be a new protocol put into place as to future decisions relating to management.

But the Manchester United fans that I know are horrified by the criticism of the greatest manager ever to lead the club.

Fergie would be the first to admit that he got decisions wrong during his time at Manchester United. He certainly got this one wrong. But his career was based on percentages. He made far more correct calls than duff ones and that’s why he endured for so long.

Talk of elite managers like van Gaal and Ancelotti coming in and being allowed to spend up to £150 million on players wouldn’t be possible without the empire that Ferguson built.

Indeed, if things had carried on the way they were before he took over, we could be talking about jumpers for goalposts in relation to Manchester United now.

So whatever your opinion about the state of the club I think we should put to bed any idea that the current situation should be blamed on Alex Ferguson. Manchester United owes everything to Fergie. Even though this call was arguably wrong it was made with the best interests of the club at heart – like everything the Manchester United legend did during his career at Old Trafford.