Is it the end for Chelsea virtuoso?

There is a definite truth in the fact that quality doesn’t necessarily get you games at the top level of the sport.

Because, what makes this game so beautiful, is that there are so many potential styles as well.

So, while the quality of players such as Juan Mata and Cesc Fabregas cannot be questioned, they aren’t the perfect fit for some managers.

Since Antonio Conte has come in he has imbued Chelsea with hard running, quick athletes who cover every blade of grass and suffocate the opposition.

Meanwhile Fabregas is a virtuoso with the ball at his feet. He regularly looks as if he is playing in slippers, so velvety and soft is his touch. But, without the ball he may not be Conte’s cup of tea and that has meant severely restricted access to game time this season for the Spaniard.

This week, when Conte was asked about the future of Fabregas, he said:

“In football, in my experience, it’s very difficult to guarantee always something, so this is difficult.

“But Cesc is an important player for us. He played a key match against Manchester City, and played very well. In the last match (against West Brom) he came on very well during the game.

“Tomorrow I have still to decide the starting XI (to play Sunderland), but Cesc is always a good choice, for me. He is an important player and in the squad of Chelsea. Now this is the reality.”

So the writing isn’t exactly on the wall just yet and few managers would be annoyed to have a player of that class and composure on the bench. But, like Mata at United, TFF feels that Fabregas probably has another big move in him before the end of his career.

Chelsea fans: would you keep the master?