Everton look like a seriously good team now

Everton fans may be slightly less excited with this signing than if it was a completely new face coming into the club.

But the capture of Romelu Lukaku is better than that. Because, with any major new signing, there is an element of risk attached, regardless of the form, profile and reputation of the arrival.

But, with Lukaku, Everton aren’t taking any risk at all. Because, having loaned him last season, they are fully aware of what he can do and they know that he fits perfectly into their system.

It’s a remarkable piece of business when you consider that Everton’s previous transfer record, before Lukaku, was the £15 million paid for Marouane Fellaini in 2008.

With Lukaku and the star of the team, Ross Barkley, both signed to long-term contracts this week it’s happy days for Everton, who are starting to look like a serious proposition.

The new contract for Barkley was even more important than that of Lukaku. Because, at 20, Barkley is about to show the world exactly what he can do.

We think that the young Englishman will be easily one of the players of the season this year. He was one of the first names in our fantasy football team!

Add top level players like, Coleman, Baines, Mirallas and McCarthy to the mix and Everton’s first team should seriously challenge allcomers next season.

Everton fans: Is this the best squad that you have had since you won the title?