The Good News for Chelsea

Few expected Chelsea to lose the game against Tottenham even though the home side were in great form themselves. But the Blues 13 match winning streak has come to an end and they must start building again.

But it wasn’t all bad news for Antonio Conte and Chelsea:

The Title

Tottenham are starting to come up with these sorts of performances against the big sides on a fairly regular basis. But they still aren’t as rounded a team or squad as Chelsea. The Blues may have lost this one but they still look by far and away the most complete and compelling team in the Premier League.


A 2-0 defeat looks bad on paper but Chelsea came at Tottenham hard in the second half and looked as if they would equalize until Dele Alli got that brilliant second goal and took the pressure off to a degree. But this Chelsea system seems so adaptable and able to cope with different styles of opponent. We fully expect them to get back to winning ways in their next league game.


Diego Costa and Pedro had something of a spat during the game but that should be expected from the hot tempered Spaniard. The general form and performance of the team in the second half suggested that there is a huge amount of spirit around the place.

Massive Improvement

After that 3-0 defeat to Arsenal in the autumn, in which Chelsea looked object, no one could’ve expected them to win 13 games on the bounce and develop a commanding lead in the Premier League title rice. There has been huge improvement in the last couple of months at Chelsea – more so than in the previous five years at the club. Conte most certainly has this team on the right track.

Will Spend

Rumours abound the Chelsea will strengthen and they are apparently in talks with a brilliant young midfielder. It will be very surprising if Chelsea didn’t add to that side in the winter window.