Hallelujah: Manchester United fans can stop flicking through the Argos catalogue during games

If any of you Manchester United fans are still concerned about Jose Mourinho taking charge at the club we are here to assuage those fears.

Because, for the first time in three years, the club is in utterly safe hands.

Forget Pep. Jose was already the best coach in the world before he was sacked at Chelsea. But we think that his six months out of the game was exactly what his ailing personality needed.

Jose is no mug. He knows he was out of order with Eva Carneiro and, given the chance, he would do things differently.

But that whole saga tarnished his image and, despite having a ridiculous CV, he joins Manchester United with much to prove as a man and a manager.

This is why we think that Manchester United and Mourinho is a match made in heaven. Manchester United need a rudder and Mourinho needs redemption. He’s not the ogre that many have suggested since he left Chelsea. He lost his way a bit. But he’s a great personality and the game needs him.

Apart from the arguable character flaws, there have also been question marks about how suited his tactics are to a club which demands attacking football. But let’s just put that myth to bed once and for all with some juicy facts.

Firstly Mourinho has the highest win percentage of any manager in Premier League history (66%) – including Sir Alex himself (65.2%), albeit over a much shorter period than The Great Scot.

If LvG has a sprinkling of trophies and no Champions League for 20 years, Jose is a serial winner of epic proportions – 8 league titles in 4 countries. 9 cup wins with 4 teams. 2 Champions Leagues, The UEFA Cup and that magnificent treble with Inter in 2011 – and let’s not forget that Jose is 12 years younger than Van Gaal.

In Spain, Los Blancos achieved a record goals tally of 121 in a single season and Mourinho’s Madrid also broke the points record of La Liga with 100 in 2011/12.

At Chelsea he won 3 league titles in 5 full seasons and his teams were renowned for their strength at the back. But they also banged in goals left, right and centre and always encouraged great attacking talents like Robben, Duff, Hazard, Crespo and Drogba. Furthermore, even last season Mourinho played the attack-minded Cesc Fabregas next to an anchor man in midfield – a far more attacking formula than LvG dared to field on a regular basis.

Jose knows he must attack at Manchester United – for the last few years it’s been so poor that we have regularly found ourselves flicking through the Argos catalogue when United have been playing – but what the club needs most is to win games on a consistent basis and Jose is the closest thing to a guarantee of that.

We fully expect a title tilt from Manchester United in the coming season.

But we cannot overstate the importance of this move by Manchester United. Had they not got Jose the club could have been looking at a Liverpool style slip into a long-term slump. It will prove to be one of the biggest and best decisions in their history.

And the fans? Mark our words, they will unanimously idolise him by Christmas as the next great Manchester United team takes shape with a truly world-class manager, in his pomp, at the helm.