Has Sir Alex ruined Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United chances?

TFF is envisaging another day of short-lived hope for Manchester United as Swansea take an early lead only for City and the amazing Sergio Aguero to come back within minutes to extinguish any optimism of a top four place for United.

Many Manchester United fans will be sick to the stomach if Louis Van Gaal gets another season as head coach after serving up the most bland football that TFF has ever seen at the club. Even in the 80s, when defeats were as likely as any other result and several members of the team spent the first half running off hangovers, United offered far more flair and adventure.

But it would be foolish to think that Sir Alex Ferguson’s meeting with Mauricio Pochettino this week, just hours before the Argentine signed his new contract at Tottenham, wasn’t significant and adds further concern that there could be mileage in the idea that the Manchester United legend doesn’t want Jose Mourinho to become manager.

Quite why, TFF will never ever understand. The Portuguese is the closest thing we have seen to a managerial clone of Fergie himself.

Jose has rarely been more publicly outrageous or controversial in his comments than Fergie, who built his career on controversy (Italians and pasta immediately comes to mind) so the idea that Jose would besmirch the good name of the club is ridiculous.

If Fergie was thinking with his old sharpness he would surely choose Mourinho without any hesitation whatsoever.

It’s yet another odd situation at Manchester United which has been massively over-complicated under the questionable stewardship of Ed Woodward.

Surely the term ‘no-brainer’ was invented for Jose Mourinho to Manchester United.