Have Manchester United got the next Messi?

A crazy tag to give anyone you might think. And a player of Messi’s ability and consistency may not rear his head for another 50 years.

But, every time we see Marcus Rashford play, he absolutely smashes the opponent to pieces.

Not only does he score goals and have frightening pace. But this is a player who, at just 18 years of age, has that rare ability to dribble with the ball at speed and with the sort of accuracy and ball control that reminds us of the master.

What’s more, Rashford has no interest in moving backwards when he receives the ball.

In what is becoming a trademark move, he took the ball on within minutes of his arrival as a sub for Manchester United against Galatasaray on Saturday evening, cut inside to the horror of the defender and then induced a foul from the keeper which brought a penalty.

This guy is frightening. And it beggars belief that Roy Hodsgon didn’t use him more for a stagnant England side at EURO 2016. We saw what he could do when he came on against Iceland. But the youngster got about 8 minutes and was criminally underused by a manager getting paid a few million a year.

Manchester United have reared some superb talent over the years. But so many youths flatter to deceive before ending up at lower league clubs – still good business for Manchester United but they ultimately want players to realise their full potential – and each time TFF sees Rashford, he appears ever more like the real deal.

This is a player who will absolutely demand minutes. He is forcing his way into the starting line up at Manchester United and he was a joy to watch again last night.

It may seem like classic hyperbole, but TFF thinks that Rashford is one of the few young players in world football who can take on the mantle of Messi when the Argentine genius eventually wanes.

Rashford has the world of football at his feet and Manchester United seem to have the rarest of gems on their hands.