Hilarious transfer rumour about Chelsea superstar

Oh yes, it’s definitely coming into silly season again in the transfer market. The evidence?

Well this little pearl of a rumour will do nicely for starters. The BBC rumour mill today passes this on:

Inter Milan sporting director Piero Ausilio says the Italian club have no interest in signing Chelsea striker Diego Costa, despite being linked with a £50m move for the 28-year-old. (Premium Sport, via Daily Express)


There are so many ridiculous elements to this rumour. Firstly the notion that an Inter Milan side in freefall could get anywhere near one of the leading scorers in The Premier League right now is almost ludicrous.

Secondly, the idea that Inter Milan aren’t interested in a player who could single-handedly catapult them up the league, is too much to fathom.

But it does give us and Chelsea fans a moment to take stock on just how quickly things can change in football. Diego Costa was visibly unhappy last season and many to most onlookers were sure he would leave in the summer.

But his relationship with Antonio Conte seems to have been a catalyst for renewed success and Costa looks better than ever.

Chelsea fans must be absolutely loving the current situation. Not only is the squad virtually injury free and as happy as at any time in recent memory, but the team looks like the most convincing outfit in the league right now.

What a difference 6 months can make!