‘I Don’t Care’: All Jose Mourinho quotes ahead of Manchester United vs Southampton

Perhaps not even the most optimistic Manchester United fan is confident about the idea of the team staying at the top of the table for the whole season.

But their win by two goals against Bournemouth put them there and the Friday night kick off against Southampton means that Manchester United could start the weekend 3 points clear.

Jose Mourinho will have noted that all the big boys won their opening games – save for Arsenal – and he will be desperate to get off to a great start with so much competition this season.

Chelsea will improve and will probably sign more players. Manchester City are starting to click already and Liverpool look wonderful going forward. So three points is crucial and a big win will all but guarantee that Manchester United end the weekend at the top of the pile.

And Jose seemed very focused when he delivered his press conference at Carrington on Friday. Here is what he had to say.

On Zlatan settling in:

“I see him happy,”

“I ask about his family, his wife, his kids – I know how important these things are to him – integration, house and everything is fine and everybody is happy. He has a very high motivation, so I see him here, no doubts, for the next two years.”

On Transfers and the Jose Fonte speculation:

“The market is open until 31 August, but I am very happy with the players I have. I keep saying that I don’t talk about players from other clubs.”

He also asserted:

“I don’t comment. I don’t care,”

On whether he can bring the fear factor back to Old Trafford:

“Not me, but the team, yes. The fans can also help. Everything starts there: the relationship between the team and the fans. If there is a connection then the factor of being really strong at home has to back. The way we play [will help] and if the fans play [a part] there’ll be no chance for the opponent.”

On whether Paul Pogba will make his debut:

“Paul Pogba has been here more than a week. He has been here 10/11 days, he knows the club so the adaptation really easy.

“He knows everybody so no time is needed to adapt. Yes, he is ready to play. 90 minutes? I don’t believe. Super performance? I don’t believe. But he can play.”

“We played against Leicester with players with less training than him and we saw that match as a way to improve them. With Paul it’s a bit the same – not one single minute of any pre-season match but almost two weeks of work with us, sometimes with the group, sometimes separately, and the condition is okay to play some minutes.”

And on how well Eric Bailly has played:

“He is a young boy playing in a completely different competition with a different club, but despite all the pressure and expectation that comes with playing for United, he plays against Leicester at Wembley and is comfortable, leading and communicative.”