Idolised: Mourinho dissenters will be eating their words by Christmas at Manchester United

The Daily Mail reports that some senior Manchester United players have reservations about Jose Mourinho taking charge of the club this summer. This follows a swell of opinion amongst the fans, many of whom think that the self-annointed Special One will be a poor manager for the club. The Mail reports:

Manchester United players have major reservations about the appointment of Jose Mourinho as the club’s next manager.

What a load of absolute nonsense! Manchester United need Mourinho more than Mourinho needs Manchester United.

Over the last few years the club has struggled to entice the best quality but they have most certainly done so with Mourinho.

The best gauge of his talent would have to be from his time at Chelsea. Despite being sacked twice by Chelsea and leaving the club in total mayhem after the Eva Carneiro debacle, Blues fans still unanimously adore Mourinho. Did they ever complain about a boring style of play under The Special One? No. Would they take him back over Antonio Conte? We would say yes – in a heartbeat.

TFF thinks it’s very amusing that there are any dissenters among Manchester United fans because, by Christmas at the very latest, there won’t be a Red in the world who thinks it was a bad decision to appoint the Portuguese.

In fact it will prove to be one of the best decisions that the club has ever made and help them to avoid the sort of Liverpool-style demise that was looming dangerously after two failed managerial tenures post Sir Alex.

Manchester United fans should feel honoured that the best coach in the world refused other offers to join United. And we feel that he will still be at the club, winning trophies, in 5 years time.

It’s time for Mourinho to build a true legacy before moving from club to international football and Manchester United will be the grateful benefactors.

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  1. It is some sort of romance if Mourinho is finally arrived. Everything happens for reason and all written in heaven why it took 3 years post-Sir Alex. Might be if he arrives earlier things might not worked well. It is grateful 3 years lesson learned in Man Utd favour right through our naked eyes that in future understanding we can build on all front from the hangover.

    It is also justify Mourinho’s admiration and ambition of Man Utd. It is undiminished desire that we might see different Special One at Old Trafford. Test of time waiting the opportunity to present itself for him to at last fulfill his dreams proven his genuine drive. Also combined with his rare absent after those indifferent and shocked dismissal few months ago might work the tricks of him re-analyse of everything’s.

    The good old days at Old Trafford is about to be relaunched as the pursuit itself has seen Mourinho rare willingness to burn his ego, willingness, and appreciation of United’s rich history uncovered.

    Or at last we might be seen Mourinho rare longelivity that break the jinx of his well-documented 3 years stay at most in one Club?

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