Is Scholes getting too mouthy?

It seems to be the way with many professional footballers that once they retire from the game they spend a little bit of time out and then use punditry as a substitute for playing the game – a way of venting spleen for the initial frustration at ending the playing days.

But you never expected such an eventuality with ex-Manchester United star Paul Scholes.

Scholes is notoriously shy in front of the cameras and rarely gave interviews during his glorious playing career.

But his presence on Sky Sports Super Sunday towards the end of last season seems to have awoken the beast inside and The Ginger Prince can’t get enough of the media now.

After outspoken comments about David Moyes on his debut Scholes has gone on to criticise Jack Wilshere and then, famously, Wayne Rooney.

Rooney wasn’t happy about Scholes’s suggestion that the player was potentially on the wane the age of 28 and came out to publicly criticise Scholes in the media.

Scholes has perhaps since learnt his lesson and defended Wayne Rooney in one of his more recent scribblings – saying that Rooney was wasted out left for England.

But we don’t think that we have heard the last from the legend.

The main question that you need to ask is whether it is constructive criticism or simply bitterness. If he is criticising players as a form reverse psychology to get them playing better then all power to the man. But he needs to be careful about who he slates as some will buckle under the criticism.

So what do you think? Has The Ginger Prince got a little bit too mouthy?