Is this what you call ‘playing well’ David?

When, after an embarrassing defeat against a mid table side, David Moyes tells us that his Manchester United side have played well he is forgetting two things.

1) Manchester United games get filmed

We can see with our own eyes that Manchester United aren’t playing well. They now pass the ball like England. Their movement, off the ball, is shocking. The speed at which Manchester United get from one end to the other is appallingly slow. This Manchester United team simply lacks ideas.

Yes the players have to take some responsibility. But the manager decides the tactics and playing style. If the players were to disagree and play their own way they would be disciplined. So, as far as we are concerned, the buck stops with Moyes. And he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

2) Manchester United games have been filmed for years

It seems that David Moyes hasn’t done his homework in terms of Manchester United’s history. Just in case you need a reminder this is Manchester United playing well. Passing and moving. Keeping it simple. Confidence in yours and the team’s ability. Quick passing. Forward passing. Everyone knows what they are doing when they have the ball and when they dont have it. Pressing the opposition into mistakes. Clear direction.

This is Manchester United playing well Mr. Moyes. So please don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. Because we know that your management isn’t working. Whether that changes in future remains to be seen.