Manchester United saviour house hunting near Old Trafford – report

The Sun reports that Jose Mourinho has put the feelers out for a property in Cheshire as speculation persists about his potential move to Manchester United.

They say:

Jose Mourinho begins house hunting in Cheshire as he prepares for life as Manchester United boss

There seem to be some suggestions that if Louis van Gaal gets Manchester United into the top four come the end of May that the club may keep him on for the rest of his contract.

But two fourth-placed finishes, no silverware and an utterly drab brand of football does not represent success – particularly at a club like Manchester United, which has dominated the league for two decades.

If Manchester United keep Van Gaal for another season we believe that they will be simply prolonging the process of returning themselves to the top.

4 managers in as many years speaks of big problems at the club but what they need most of all at this stage are consistent results and is there a better coach in the world than Jose Mourinho to that end?

The big concern seems to be that Mourinho comes with baggage. Even in the last week his behaviour has once more been criticised by former Real Madrid president, Ramon Calderon, who said:

“If Mourinho doesn’t sign for Manchester United, he will be Real Madrid’s next coach. I am completely sure of that,”

“He will return and then we’ll be back to the war games, fire-starting, uncomfortable press conference, Fifa, Uefa, Unicef,” he said. “That wasn’t the best time for the club. Now, without him, there’s a lot more peace.

“He provoked a series of conflicts which no one wants and it’s far from ideal.”

Jose isn’t stupid. He knows that he is seen by many as too confrontational and we think that we will see a slightly evolved Mourinho next time he graces the touchline.

Manchester United fans should be hoping that the touchline is Old Trafford because he is one of the few who guarantees to stop the rot.

And however many Mourinho dissenters there are in the red half of Manchester right now, we are absolutely certain that within three months Jose will be adored by the Old Trafford faithful.