Who is Manchester City’s new signing?

Manchester City were very quiet in the January transfer window despite their patchy performances and less than ideal results of late. But they did sign one very exciting player – a 15-year-old who has broken scoring records wherever he has played so far and his youthful career.

The Daily Mail reports:

Manchester City sign 15-year-old wonderkid Nabil Touaizi from Valencia

Guardiola clearly likes buying young stars with potential who can progress and assimilate into the fabric of his teams over time. He was talking up the ability and potential of the likes of Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus in his latest public comments. He said:

“These three players will be the future in the next three or four years, I’m pretty sure of that,” the City boss told a news conference.

“Raz [Sterling] (22) is playing in a row every three days at a high level, scored a lot of goals, assists, dangerous in box, Gabriel (19) is No. 9 for Brazil and Leroy (21), we spent a lot on him because we believe he has the potential. So the next three or four years they will be the future of the club.

These three are wonderful players and they can form a pacy and fluid front line for Manchester City over the coming years. There won’t be a conventional number nine in there but they will interchange and all score goals for fun. And perhaps the latest addition will be getting chances before too long because, even at his tender age, he looks like a fantastic talent who understands the game and can develop quickly.

The report suggests that Morocco and Spain both want him to play for them at international level but he’s as yet undecided about where he will go.

It is hard to imagine that the embattled La Liga club Valencia would have wanted the player to leave the club. But they will receive €300,000 in compensation and €2 million if and when the player makes his debut in the first team for Manchester City.