Manchester United to make a catastrophic transfer mistake?

This won’t be the first time that TFF has demonstrated dismay at the merest hint of Anthony Martial’s departure from Manchester United.

Martial clearly hasn’t done all the things that manager Jose Mourinho has asked of him during his sporadic minutes on the pitch under the tenure of the Portuguese.

But neither has Mourinho hitherto delivered on his apparent understanding of what Manchester United expected of him as a manager. Early in his United career (November 2016) he said:

“I think we are in the right direction, we played very well and that makes me happy,” Mourinho said. “One of the things I proposed to myself was to come to a club like Manchester United and play the kind of football that people want. It’s Man U tradition. I’m really happy with that.

“That’s our way of playing. Every manager has his ideas. The players can help or not help to make a certain style of play. That’s what we propose at United. I’ve never had a team with so much possession, so much creation, so many chances, but I never had a team with so many draws.

“I want this beautiful team to win more matches. We need to score more goals like this. Playing beautiful attacking football – that is something the fans like – but we need results. So goals plus performance means the real happiness.”

Martial has too often been seen playing as an auxiliary full back in Mourinho’s uber defensive formations over the last two years. Where Liverpool and Manchester City leave their lethal front three on the half way line, in readiness for counter attacks, the likes of Martial, Rashford and Sanchez are asked to track back constantly.

At 22 Martial must be given minutes to iron the mistakes out of his game. The hope, when Alexis Sanchez arrived, was that Martial would remain in the eleven. But he’s increasingly found himself on the bench. It’s a sorry state of affairs for such a wonderful talent who seems to conform to the best Manchester United traditions.

British media outlet, The Daily Mail, reported this week:

Tottenham step up their pursuit of Anthony Martial as they prepare talks with Manchester United officials

At 22 Martial has ten years of top class football in the tank and it seems like complete madness to let him go. This could be a worse mistake than the departures of Salah and De Bruyne from Chelsea. They too are free spirited, attacking players who have become two of the best in the world but didn’t appear to fit the Mourinho mould. How good would Chelsea be now if they still had those two?

Let’s hope, for Manchester United’s sake that they hold on to the player. Because Tottenham would be getting a world class star in waiting.

Here are some of Anthony Martial’s best moments for the club, including that debut against Liverpool at Old Trafford which seemed certain to make him a legend at the club.

Manchester United fans: is it time to let Martial go to Tottenham or would this be a monumentally bad transfer mistake from Jose Mourinho and United?


  1. Is there any proof that Tottenham are doing anything other than an Arsenal by claiming to want to do lots of business in the transfer window when in reality they have no intention of doing much at all? Here is a club who has (over) spent a fortune on a Stadium, whose manager is making vague noises about buying players without anything seemingly happening whilst stories are planted in tame media outlets claiming they are chasing this player and that again without any real corroboration.

    What we’ve heard elsewhere is Mourinho saying United are not in the market for attackers and that Martial is sitting down to discuss an extension to his contract.

    Question 1 If Martial is chasing game time why would he go to a club where he would arguably start at 7th in the pecking order behind Kane, Ali, Son, Eriksen, Lamella & Moura

    Question 2 Should Martial leave United clearly he would be worth somewhere between £60-100 million (if 30 year old centre backs are worth £50 million that is) and will be seeking £100-£150k a week earnings. Are Spurs going to blow their financial model out of the water for someone who is likely going to sit on the bench for much of the season?

    Question 3 Would Spurs risk unsettling the squad with a player who clearly can be a problem and whose agent is becoming an increasing nuisance if his client isn’t happy when the pressures are about to grow significantly on that squad in its search for silverware?

    Question 4 Why would United sell to Spurs unless the money was too good to refuse (i.e. closer to £100 million than £50 million)

    Question 5 If United are about to sell Martial who is the player to replace him. There are currently no serious stories about another attacker coming to United and given this is the shortest summer window in EPL history you’d have thought there would have been something substantial by now.

    My take is that this is just noise intended by Pochettino and Levy to keep the Spurs fans quiet coz there isn’t going to be much money to spend. So when its made clear that United aren’t accepting offers for Martial they will just shrug their shoulders and say ‘well we tried’.

  2. Spot on Manny,
    The media is clearly being used as a means to either unsettle the player or give Tottenham some transfer news.

    Martial will face completion for places in any top side in this league.
    Son in spurs
    Hazard in Chelsea
    Sane in City
    Sane in Liverpool

    His advisors should encourage him to prove Mourinho wrong and fight for his place as a forward with united.

    He has 2 years left on his contract , so any suitors should come with a fat cheque of 90 million or put a sock in it.

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