Rumoured Talks Held: But will Manchester United finally offload disastrous signing?

Fellaini Belgium

One of the things that TFF really likes about Jose Mourinho at Manchester United is that he seems to pick the right players and to purchase excellent ones.

Where Louis van Gaal and David Moyes would made strange selection decisions on a regular basis Mourinho seems to know who the strongest players are in the squad and casts the others adrift. And when you look at the four signings that he has made so far that have to be the best for signings at Manchester united over the last four years.

Mourinho of course likes a big physical player but surely its time to get rid of Fellaini.

He seems to always drag the quality of games downwards with a lack of technique and his clumsy ways. Yes he scores the odd goal but that’s purely because he’s such a big guy. In terms of football ability he is nowhere near the elite level.

And reports this week suggested that Manchester United may finally offload him with a Turkish club interested.

The Daily Star writes:

MANCHESTER UNITED midfielder Marouane Fellaini has reportedly held talks over a move to Trabzonspor this summer.

Even if Fellaini scored the winning goal in the Europa league final, TFF still believes that he will ultimately be seen as a symbol of the disastrous post Sir Alex Ferguson era at Manchester United.

Players don’t have to be technically limited just because they are big and surely Jose Mourinho can find another man mountain who has much better quality on the ball.

Manchester united fans – is it time to get rid of the big Belgian?