Manchester United: ‘Fair Price’ – Shaktar president opens up on Fred transfer

The Fred Med is already being mooted by some of those getting giddy about the midfield conjurer joining Manchester United.

Quite why an Italian reporter would be best placed to comment on a Brazilian who plays for a Russian club joining an English behemoth is beyond me. But The Express has gobbled up the tweet of Italian journalist who reckons that we will soon see a Fredical at Old Trafford.

In much more solid news the president of Shaktar has opened up about the potential transfer of Fred and it seems very likely that a move is on based on the tone of his comments. Although Manchester United aren’t name checked, the transfer of the player to another club now seems inevitable.

He told the official Shaktar Website (via The Express)

“We’ll get exactly the amount he costs,” Akhmetov told Shakhtar’s official website. “We can’t get a dollar if the player costs 50 cents. We don’t want to sell him for 50 cents if the football player costs a dollar.

“This will be a market price, the fair price, and it will be beneficial both for the club inviting Fred and for us. That is, I can somewhat feel that Fred will be more expensive than Fernandinho and [Alex] Teixeira.”

Fred looks like a good signing for Manchester United. A player who has energy and forward thrust but will also add some much-needed passing finesse in the middle of the park.

Manchester United have seemingly bypassed their midfield for much of the campaign and the enduring image of Chris Smalling passing the ball sideways to Phil Jones just won’t leave my head.

Jones to Smalling. Back to Jones. Over to Young. Back to Smalling. It really sums up the dross that fans have had to suffer when watching Manchester United this season. With football like this it must be even more difficult for United fans to see Manchester City and Liverpool playing soccer from the heavens.

With signings like Fred, Jose will hope that he can make it third time lucky in the new campaign.