Manchester United: ‘Shy’ Mourinho gets soaked

Regular readers of TFF will know that we took every opportunity to make it very clear that Jose Mourinho would be the saviour of Manchester United.

The notion of many supporters that he would ruin the club was frankly ludicrous considering how badly run it has been for the last three years.

Manchester United were desperate for a rudder if they were to avoid a Liverpool-like decline. Some think the club too rich to crumble in that manner. But we would ask where the £250m that has been spent over the last few years has got them?

Never before has so much been spent so quickly at the great club. But, apart from Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial, you could literally take the rest of the lavish signings out of that squad without reducing the quality in any noticeable way.

Money is irrelevant in football if it is managed badly and Manchester United needed Mourinho more than Mourinho needed United.

He’s a genius. But what makes us laugh is the idea in some corners of the media that, in reality, Mourinho is a shy man! That there is the public persona of an uber-confident showman but that doesn’t represent the real Jose Mourinho, who is timid and reclusive even…

The excellent Pat Nevin, among others, recently made the claim on the excellent BBC podcast and we couldn’t help but chuckle.

It’s just an opinion but we think many will agree that Mourinho seems very much like a man who craves the microphone. Craves the spotlight. And football is usually a more interesting spectacle because of it. It’s not just Man United but football as a whole that needs Mourinho.

But, if he is so shy, why The Dickens has he just signed up to Instagram?

Here is the great man in his latest pose in the pool, which follows various other, regular examples of self-publication since he joined Manchester United and Instagram.

Mourinho being shy on Instagram
Mourinho being shy on Instagram

Mourinho is a great coach – the only solution for Manchester United right now and TFF thinks he’s about to create a long-term United vintage.

But shy? With his manboobs out on Instagram? Please!