Manchester United: Why Mourinho Has The Upper Hand on Guardiola

This season has all the ingredients to be a classic and The Premier League looks refreshed and buoyant again after a few substandard seasons, especially in Europe.

Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal can all stake serious claims with their title credentials and we haven’t even mentioned champions Leicester.

But despite the depth of quality in this league, it’s still hard to look beyond Manchester United and Manchester City for the next winners of The Prem.

But TFF reckons that Jose Mourinho has a slight advantage and will come out on top this season at least. Here’s why:


Mourinho has won three leagues titles in England and knows The Premier League inside out. In his first stint in England he put together a football machine and they wiped the floor with the rest.

Meanwhile Pep is completely new to the toughest league in the world and we feel that it may take time and a little tweak of the tiki-taka tactics to get things right.


Pep knew he’d be managing Manchester City months before the new season. But he was fully involved with Bayern until May.

But Jose has been out of work since last winter. Aswell as chomping at the bit and being largely impossible to be around, a man of this professionalism and perfectionism will also have been meticulously studying football and players, with the Manchester United job firmly in mind.

We think he probably knew who he wanted to sign for United by February at the latest.

In general he has had more time to think about his new challenge.


And speaking of those signings, both Manchester City and Manchester United have made remarkable ones.

But there is a definite sense that City are building for the long-term with the additions of Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus. We feel Sane will have something to offer straight away but we won’t see the best of either for years. The same goes for John Stones.

Nolito was superb last season but won’t go straight into the side and Ilkay is a slick operator but is injured for another month and certainly doesn’t have the power of Yaya Toure in his pomp.

But, in Paul Pogba, Manchester United DO now have a player with the power of Toure in his pomp. Pogba can be that man for United with his size, athleticism and breathtaking technique.

In Zlatan Manchester United have a killer in front of goal again (2 goals in his first 3 appearances) and the Bundesliga player of The Year for last season.

And perhaps the most impressive of the new signings so far has been Eric Bailly, who looks every inch the real deal even at 22.

So both have done great business but Manchester United have bought four players for the current first XI and City perhaps one or two.


We always remember Jose’s first press conference as Manchester United manager when he was asked whether he enjoyed his time out of the game after being sacked as Chelsea manager. He said:

“I was in trouble for the last five months: the first month was fine, the second month was not so good and after the second month it was a disaster.”

This man lives for football. He is one of the most Machiavellian managers in the world. A sore loser with so much to prove after the debacle at Chelsea. You feel he will do anything to drag the title to Manchester United this season.

United and City fans: Thoughts?