Manchester United: Man of The Match vs Liverpool – obvious

Manchester United probably edged this game in terms of being slightly more convincing but they didn’t do quite enough to get the match won.

This was largely because of Paul Pogba’s mistake in the first half which left Manchester United expending much more energy in their game of catch up.

Jose loves to conserve energy and soak up pressure before hitting teams on the counter but United had to work much harder to get back into this game. By the time they did, with 7 minutes to go, they looked a bit of a spent force.

But that equaliser, headed in by Zlatan, rounded off another totemic performance from the man of the match.

The way he arched his neck to head the ball over the defence was almost physics defying. Had he connected with the ball in any other way, or with less or more power, it probably wouldn’t have gone in. But this was floated and weighted to perfection in a split second.

Even better than the goal was the celebration which was so symbolic of Zlatan’s role at Old Trafford. He is Manchester United’s new leader. Of that, there can be no doubt. He was genuinely delighted with the goal and whipped the crowd up into a frenzy after he scored in an attempt to awaken the twelfth man for a final surge.

Zlatan is a footballer of sensational physicality, touch, technique and power. But his presence is as important as any other quality. He has galvanised a recently rudderless United side and there is now a real sense that this can be a special season.

No one will want to play them in the Europa League – on paper they are the strongest team – and the same goes for the domestic cups.

And they are lurking dangerously behind the top four with Zlatan their spearhead and having hit 19 goals in 29 games for his new club.

On this form Manchester United will be handing Zlatan contracts until he is 40.