Manchester United: More Moyes Moaning

David Moyes seems to have been stuffing sour grapes ever since he was fired as manager of Manchester United.

TFF believes that he was extremely lucky to get to the job in the first place and his true quality was exposed at the very top echelons of the game.

But ever since he was sacked he seems to have been on the rampage about how badly treated he was by Manchester United.

In his latest rant, the man who is also sacked after an unsuccessful spell at Real Sociedad, said:

‘Toni Kroos was agreed to come in the summer. I had agreed it with Toni himself and his agent,’ he said.

‘But sometimes you don’t get deals done. Gareth Bale we were probably behind all along, Real Madrid were well in for it.

‘The Cesc one was disappointing. It was very close. And Toni Kroos came up in January – it was done.

‘So I think that, given time and having got to this period, I would have hoped I would be working with a successful team now.’

‘There have been two very successful managers go in there and you can see how tough they are finding it as well,’

‘I feel like I had my chance to do it and I had to do it in my time. But I believed I had longer – I didn’t believe I had to do it in nine months, or even 12 months. I was given plenty of reassurances.

‘But I think that whoever took over from Sir Alex would have found it incredibly difficult, it wouldn’t have been an easy ride had it been Jose, Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola or David Moyes.’

The Scotsman was given a six-year contract at Manchester United but was sacked less than a season into his failed tenure. And even though his win record wasn’t too bad Manchester United finished the season seventh and they was very little to be encouraged by about his short stint.

He made average signings such as Marouane Fellaini and Juan Mata and the team just didn’t seem to have a rudder or a strong style to their play with him in charge.

If the top brass at Manchester United were to make a short list of 20 managers to take over from Jose Mourinho right now, David Moyes would surely be nowhere near it.

Yet he still seems to consider himself in that sort of tier of elite management, without the track record to back it up. In reality he was exceedingly lucky to get the job having won nothing of note in his career up until that point.

He will be doing extremely well to keep Sunderland up this season and we think that the lower end of the Premier League is his natural level as a manager.

He should get his head down and be grateful that he got another prime in the job after doing so poorly since leaving Everton.