Manchester United: An open letter to José Mourinho

Dear José,

Firstly, congratulations on getting the Manchester United job which many believe that you have always wanted.

You have been all smiles since you got the job and carried yourself with dignity and a sense of calm and news today that you have settled your dispute with Eva Carneiro must be music to your ears.

So have the problems at Chelsea and subsequent six month break from football changed you? Have you had time to reflect on not only a nightmare situation, but also some perhaps regrettable behaviour on your part?

There is no doubt that you have the ability to take Manchester United back to the top. Indeed, if you do it right, the biggest job in football could be yours for as long as you want it.

But therein lies the crux of the issue. Will you handle yourself properly this time?

Every top manager and player has a Machiavellian streak – a never-say-die attitude and a win at all costs mentality. Lord knows Sir Alex had it.

But there have been occasions when you seem to lose control of yourself. When your worst side comes out and you look a little immature and spiteful to say the least. You may think that it’s necessary but most onlookers find your worst outbursts and actions rather tasteless.

Some Manchester United fans think that the club made a terrible decision to appoint one so potentially volatile. TFF couldn’t agree less. In fact we think that Manchester United needs you more than you need Manchester United. And even if it does all implode in a couple of years, you will most likely have taken United back to the top of the pile.

But we would love your Old Trafford career to pan out differently. If there was ever a manager who could compare with Sir Alex, it is you sir. You have a fresh start and massive budget at one of the biggest clubs in the world and you are good enough to dominate England and Europe for the next ten years if only you are prepared to be a little more reticent in your more personal opinions.

Some think that you are too defensive in your approach for United. But anyone who saw your best Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid sides will know that is utter rubbish.

The best case scenario, and one which you would surely want at this stage of your stellar if incomplete career, is a decade of success and the construction of a real legacy at Manchester United followed by the job as Portugal manager.

The only person who can make this happen is you. Manchester United can thrive under your leadership if you learn to bite that tongue at crucial moments.