Manchester United target worth £100m? Not a chance

There is a genuine sense that this is going to be the biggest transfer window of all time as there is more money in football than ever and more desire to reach the promised land of serial silverware each season.

So the money is getting a little bit ridiculous and some players are being quoted with fees which seem way in excess of what they’re actually worth – even in today’s massively inflated market.

British media outlet, The Times, reported this week for example that Everton would demand 100 million pounds for the Belgian international Romelu Lukaku and that they didn’t feel it would dissuade the likes Manchester United and Chelsea from making bids:

Everton are braced for offers from Chelsea and Manchester United for Romelu Lukaku and believe that their £100 million valuation will stave off interest in their leading goalscorer.

This is a player with superb scoring statistics over the last year or so. He hit 26 goals for Everton in just 39 games last season and we are not talking about an easy league or a team that is at the top of the pile.

Lukaku seems tailor-made for the Premier League and the physical demands of England. He’s tough, brave and precise. He seems to wear down defenders and ultimately overcome them.

But is he really worth 100 million even in today’s market? Or even anywhere near that? Let’s not forget that Chelsea let him go because they didn’t feel he was good enough for the top level just a few years ago.

He’s clearly kicked on since then but when we watch him for a full 90 minutes we regularly question his technical ability. He is a powerhouse but he doesn’t have the elegance or skill of a player like Didier Drogba for example.

This is a striker who will score goals in the Premier League but for that sort of money you want someone who will be making the difference in Europe too. TFF doesn’t believe that the Lukaku is that man.

Manchester United fans: would you want him at 100m?