Manchester United offered €15m gift horse?

Fellaini Belgium

A good friend recently stated that Fellaini was impressive in the FA Cup semi-final win over Everton.

Of course, the only reason he got any plaudits for his scuffed goal and typical busy clumsiness was that the bar has been set so very low on his Manchester United career.

In reality Fellaini will forever remain the living embodiment of the messy three years which immediately followed the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Like Manchester United since 2013 Fellaini lacks pace, dynamism and doesn’t have the technique required for a top Red Devils vintage.

It’s definitely time for the Belgian to leave the club and United may have found a willing suitor for a decent price, according to the respected Italian sports media outlet Gazetta Dello Sport.

Then the name of Fellaini is topical, given that his contract expires in 2018 and is a staple of the United (only 17 appearances in the Premier this season). Already in January it had been proposed in Trigoria, but Roma had other requirements, now the deal is possible.

Or on loan with the redemption obligation or outright, for a figure of around 15 million, less than half of what Manchester paid him three years ago.

And , in response to speculation which came about as a consequence of Fellaini’s attendance at a game between Napoli and Roma, the Belgian’s agent is quoted as saying:

“Would that move be acceptable? Yes, Roma is a possibility to consider.”

Fellaini can’t be criticised for a lack of effort during his time at Manchester United and he is not without virtue. A merciful description of the player could boast that he is one of the best chesters of the ball in the world game.

But he just isn’t suited to the United way. He doesn’t have the quick feet or guile required to ignite this team and a move to the slower pace of Italy could suit the 28-year-old.

Fellaini has played 32 times for an injury hit Manchester United squad this season and scored 4 goals.