Manchester United: Watch Pogba’s bewitching skills in training

Manchester United’s world record signing, Paul Pogba, really should have put the game against Stoke to bed last Sunday.

Of course, it wasn’t just him that missed gilt-edged opportunities to get Manchester United over the line in a game that they dominated.

But he hit a tame effort at the goalkeeper from 15 yards in the first half, after being teed up perfectly. And his header in the dieing minutes, from a perfect cross from Marcus Rashford, looked harder to miss than to score.

But, however frustrating that game was, the most important thing for Manchester United is that Pogba is now getting into the right positions for his club.

However wealthy you are, you don’t spend £90m squid on an anchor man and Pogba has been playing far too deep so far this season.

But, freed up against Stoke he caused havoc and it’s just a matter of time before he scores a lot more goals. TFF believes that Pogba will become a much more regular goalscorer as his career progresses.

And, apart from goalscoring, Pogba has the widest range of skills of any player in the modern game. He really can do anything on a football field and his feet are incredible for one so large.

Here he is in training for France flummoxing his team mates with some typically bewitching skill.

Courtesy of The Manchester Evening News

We have a feeling that Manchester United and Pogba are about to start clicking.