The New Legend: Manchester United fans will love these quotes

Rarely has any major club been so excited to welcome a player who turns 35 in October. But, as we already know, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no ordinary player.

Aside from the profile and the CV the bottom line is really whether he can still do a job for Manchester United. But TFF means it in the nicest possible way when we say that this 34-year-old is a freak of nature.

Perhaps it’s because of the fact that the young Zlatan did so much martial arts practice. But it’s almost incredible how lithe, fit and powerful this man is – especially with such a big frame and standing at 6ft 5in. In fact, he regularly looks as if he plays the game of football as if it is a martial art.

Zlatan has never been seen as particularly explosive off the mark, but he is still quick when he gets into his stride. And the power and technique is perhaps greater than ever. Add the bewitching technique and a natural football brain and it’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility that Zlatan could be Manchester United’s answer at number 9 for more than just one season.

2 goals in 3 games for the club and, even when he has a quiet game, you feel that he will convert at least one chance inside the 90. He’s a total killer in the box and it’s just a shame that it took him this long to join The Premier League.

But perhaps England and Manchester United will give the Swedish legend a new lease of life. He certainly seems enamoured by the club and spoke glowingly of it in his latest interview with Sky Sports.

Zlatan said:

‘The way everything is done here. When I come to the training ground it’s massive,’

‘The history of the club, the players that have been playing here, all the attention the club gets, fans everywhere. I go right I see the fans, I go left I see them, wherever I go I see the fans.

‘It’s massive. It’s top level. I played for Barcelona and also Juventus and Milan, it’s the same thing, but I think this could be one step more.

‘To have the luck to play for such a big clubs, to play with big players, I don’t know how many players have had that luck. I had it, I won with them, and hopefully I can do it here,’ he added.

Furthermore he seems to want more of it and alluded to the idea of staying at Manchester United beyond this season.

He told Sky Sports:

‘Let’s see how long I feel like I can perform. I will not be somewhere only because I am Ibrahimovic. I will be somewhere because I can perform and bring results.

‘I have been at the top for 10-15 years, I have played for clubs that players could only dream about and I have won with every club I have been at.

‘Turning down a challenge does not exist in my world. I have been in every country, now England, and that is why I find the adventure cool. I came, I won, I went. Hopefully I can do the same here.

‘The only risk is if I don’t win. For me, individually, I don’t see a risk. I have nothing to prove or demonstrate. I have my career, I have done what I have done, performed as I have, and I bring that to England. It’s about coming and winning and making Manchester United shine again.’

Zlatan appears born to wear the shirt and our money is on him being top scorer in The Premier League this season.