Manchester United’s Best Player of 2016 – will he even stay?

Hi there. I have just come from watching a video of Anthony Martial’s first goal for Manchester United. And it truly is the stuff of dreams.

The then 18-year-old came off the bench and scored minutes into his debut against hated rivals Liverpool to seal the victory. It doesn’t really get much better than that.


And all in all it was a sensational first season for the young Frenchman. Perhaps his best performaces came in the wide open spaces of Wembley in the semi-final against Everton and the final against Palace where he made fools of the full backs.

But 17 goals and 11 assists is a great return for a seasoned pro, never mind a teenager who was new to the biggest league in the world.

His fall from grace this season has been painful to watch because Manchester United fans took him to their hearts.

And recent rumours about a move away from Manchester United seem absurd.

But just like Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is now wowing everyone after a really poor few months, United fans will hope that Jose Mourinho recognises the class and manages this situation brilliantly.

Because, at even close to his best, few would argue with the notion that Martial improves the Manchester United XI.

So, despite his stop-start 2016/17 Martial is head and shoulders above the rest as TFF’s Manchester United Player of 2016. With an honorary mention to Marcus Rashford of course.

Let’s see that remarkable debut again – even though it was in 2015!

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