Messi talks about possible Barcelona departure

When these sort of headlines appear the first thing that we normally do is to have a look at how long the star in question has left on his contract.

If it’s less than 2 years then there is a good chance that the player is simply posturing for a decent new contract with the veiled threat of a big move.

In the case of the best player that the world has ever seen, he recently signed a contract extension which runs until 2018. So perhaps he really is thinking about a move from Barcelona, where he is currently involved in a serious tax storm.

The Guardian quotes him as saying:

“Things can change a lot in soccer. While I have always said I would like to stay there [at Barça] forever, sometimes things do not work out the way you would like.”

We would love to see Messi plying his trade at another club. It would be a true test of his greatness and perhaps even improve his game – a stint in England never did Cristiano Ronaldo any harm.

But Messi just seems to fit Barcelona so well and it’s almost impossible to envisage him in another shirt. He did reassure any slightly concerned Barca fans by also stating that:

I have said it many times. If it was up to me I would stay forever.

At 28 you feel that a big move would have to happen fairly soon. He may rock up at an MLS club in his thirties but if he wanted to show his class at a top club then it’s now or never.

But we can’t help thinking that Messi will end his career where he started it as the adopted and beloved son of Barcelona.

Barca fans: will Messi ever leave?