Will Manchester United finally get their man with £100m world record transfer for a second season in a row?

Reports over the weekend have suggested that Manchester United may be about to break the world record transfer fee for a second season in a row.

British media outlet, The Sun, commented this weekend that:

Manchester United line up world record £100m bid for Gareth Bale after turning back on Antoine Griezmann

The beauty about Bale is that he can play effectively in so many different positions. He started his career as a left back and often played there for Tottenham before he moved up onto the left wing. He usually plays for Real Madrid on the right wing but has also been known to play through the middle at number 10 and number 9.

So he can basically do a job anywhere across the front line but also as an auxiliary and thrilling defender if needs be.

Bale is a fantastic athlete and at 27 years of age he’s got the best years of his career ahead of him. Real Madrid are at their strongest in years but they will surely look to improve again and Bale could be viewed as the low hanging fruit in that forward line.

He got onto the pitch for the game against Juventus in what was a race against a long-standing and niggling injury. And he hasn’t been at his best for the club this season mainly because of those injury problems. And with regular reports surfacing that Eden Hazard could move to Real Madrid this summer perhaps this is Manchester United’s chance to really get behind a move for Bale.

And you certainly wouldn’t find anybody at Old Trafford complaining if Manchester united brought him to the club.

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