Scathing criticism of Manchester City star

When Pep Guardiola came to England the vast majority of the press and pundits seemed to think that the sun quite simply shined from his nether regions.

He could do no wrong and was widely regarded as the man to end the title race early.

And after 10 superb wins at the start of the campaign it looked like pipe and slippers time for Manchester City.

But the turn around at Eastlands has been quite remarkable. Some onlookers feel that Guardiola has tinkered too much when he already had a winning formula. And there has been many a disparaging comment about the signings made by the Spaniard so far.

Not least that of Claudio Bravo who has been anything but convincing in between he sticks at Manchester City. The fact that Pep let Joe Hart go to accommodate the 33-year-old has made the situation even more difficult to digest.

And ex-England star Martin Keown has been scathing about Bravo in his latest public comments. He told The Daily Mail:

I cannot think of a single world-class save that Claudio Bravo has made for Manchester City.

Bravo may not have been solely to blame for Everton’s four goals on Sunday but he does not dig his team out of trouble when they need him most. Not once in his 18 Premier League games can I think of a single man-of-the-match performance from the goalkeeper.

The fee always seemed massive for a player who, at 33, may find it hard to adapt to a completely new and frantic league.

And it has proven to be the case with so many mistakes and erratic performances this season.

The obvious measure would be to bring Hart back into the fold and we have seen with the reintegration of Yaya Toure that Guardiola will put footballing decisions ahead of any pride or potential grudges.

But much work is needed at Manchester City and the goalkeeping situation is chief amongst current concerns.