The dream ends in tears for many Leicester fans

Capitalism hey? What’s it ever done for the everyman? It’s ruined many a good event and it seems to be wrecking the season finale for a lot of Leicester fans with its dastardly market forces.

A few years ago I could have taken my entire family to The Foxes and still had change for a bag of chips to share on the way home as we contemplated yet another meek surrender. Now the club has success but many of the most loyal can’t join in. So what’s the point of supporting your team through the ‘thin’ when you don’t get to enjoy the rewards of the ‘thick’?

We are referring of course to the current plight of Leicester City members who have failed to get tickets for their last home game of the season against Everton – a match which could well confirm them as Premier League champions. A fact which is still difficult to comprehend.

But while many a gold member has been left ticketless for the game, some tickets are now being re-sold for thousands of pounds on the black market, as The BBC confesses:

Tickets to watch Premier League leaders Leicester’s final home game are being offered for £15,000 a pair through an online re-sale website.

The 7 May match against Everton, which could see the Foxes become champions, sold out in 90 minutes on Monday.

But within hours, individual tickets were being advertised for more than £3,000 each and a pair for much more.

They also quote several fans who are shocked and appalled by the fact that they will miss possibly the best game in their entire lives, having spent all their hard-earned to support the club through this historic season.

David Lea: “Very bad when they are on ticket sites at anything from £495 to £5,000. Who’s giving the touts these tickets? What’s the point of being a gold/silver member? I’d like to hear the club’s views on this.”

Ben Dunkley: “Absolute joke, what a waste of money spending £75 on a gold membership.”

Adie Wheat: “Gutted. Been all season, 1968 my first game never miss a season. Silver member can’t get a ticket for the most important game – winning the league.”

Gemma Kott: “Gold membership! Was trying to get a ticket since 9am only to be told all sold out! Never had that problem before. People selling their tickets for a massive profit should be banned from buying tickets again.”

Philip Goodchild: “Gutted. You would have thought paying £40 per season would get you a ticket. The club should have capped the memberships at the beginning of the season.”

You sense that a large screen may be erected outside the stadium to appease some fans. An external lap of honour from the team too perhaps? It would still be scant consolation for those who have permanently damaged their vocal chords in aid of their football team who are about to achieve the impossible.

So let me tell you where you can shove your supply and demand….