‘The Sniper’ on Arsenal radar?

They say it’s a funny old game but we can’t see too many Arsenal fans wetting themselves with laughter if Samuel Eto’o were to join the club this summer.

The journeyman striker, known to some as The Sniper, has had a sensational career and was the top scoring striker for the Chelsea last season.

And we actually think that he could do a decent job as a squad member for Arsenal in the next campaign. He’s still got most of his pace, mobility and eye for goal.

But Arsneal should surely be targeting a stellar striker at the top of his game as one of the main pieces needed for the title jigsaw next season.

The Mirror says:

Samuel Eto’o wants to join Arsenal this summer – to prove Jose Mourinho wrong.

Eto’o’s representatives have made overtures to Arsenal to alert them about the Cameroon striker’s availability as a free agent. They have made it clear that Eto’o wants to go to the Emirates and that is his number one priority.

The notion of signing Eto’o might be quite interesting providing that another big name came in first. But if Eto’o was the only forward signed by Arsenal this summer you would have to ask serious questions about their direction.

That’s not a sleight on the player himself but simply an argument as to whether Arsenal are aiming high enough in the transfer market in general. Now that The Emirates is sorted Arsenal should be one of the most cash rich clubs in Europe. They certainly charge enough for tickets to suggest that they are raking it in.

Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United will all strengthen their squads significantly this summer and Arsenal would probably have to spend more than their rivals if they wanted to bridge the gap that currently exists between the pretenders and the serial winners.

What do Arsenal fans think about this story? Let’s hear from you.