This Manchester United star has completely forgotten how to play football

The performance of Manchester United over the last few weeks have thrown up a couple of important points.

Firstly, we should recognise that David Moyes’s big signings have been amongst the very best players in the team – Mata and Fellaini have lead the charge for Manchester United in the last fortnight and Moyes deserves some credit.

Secondly, it’s a confidence game. Manchester United have some at last and look like a team transformed. Until Tottenham they were all at sea and nobody seemed to want to ball.

But now even Chris Smalling is making runs from deep, into the opposition penalty area, such is the change in tone of this team.

But one player who hasn’t ridden the wave of new found confidence is Angel di Maria. He was selected in the world’s best XI by UEFA recently but he’s been playing atrociously of late.

Obviously the talent is still there but seldom will you see such a talented player with so little confidence as Di Maria has at present.

He seems to make the wrong decision every time he has the ball. He makes unforced errors aplenty and even the simplest moves seem beyond him. He really is having an absolute shocker.

With Juan Mata having a blinder in his place, the right hand side now looks locked down for this season. Di Maria may have to compete with Ashley Young for a place on the left. But Young is arguably one of Louis van Gaal’s favourite players and, on form, Di Maria will struggle to get in there either.

At £60m this guy demands starts, but we feel that he may have to make do with a bench role between now and the end of the season, which will bring his longer term future into serious doubt.