Transfer hammer blow for Manchester United?

Manchester United fans largely seemed to be pinning their hopes on the signing of French striker Antoine Griezmann this summer. There’s been intense speculation that the player will join the club for huge amounts of money.

And with Manchester United looking toothless and slow in attack Griezmann was seen as the perfect player to add dynamism, movement and speed of play to the forward line.

He is a ruthless finisher and a silent assassin who seems to ghost into brilliant positions effortlessly.

But his latest public utterances would suggest that he is perhaps somewhat tired with all the Manchester United speculation and is happy to remain in Spain for another year at least.

Griezmann is quoted in Spanish daily AS as stating that he wants to be at Atletico next season:

I certainly see myself at Atletico

Was how he responded when asked where his immediate future lay.

You would have to say that there is a paucity of really top talent available at this point in time. Beyond Griezmann Manchester United don’t have too many obvious options. They could go for the raw talent of Kylian Mbappe but he is not proven in England or at the very top level as yet despite a brilliant start to his career in France.

Another factor which will obviously be crucial in Manchester United’s success in the transfer market this summer is whether they are able to get into the Champions League – either through the Premier League top four or by winning the Europa League.

At this point José Mourinho’s ability to sign players this summer pivots around their success in that quest.

Manchester United fans: is he the only viable solution this summer or can you imagine other players having as big an impact at the club?